Flash Semantic Engine

Find people, pages, listen to music, watch videos, get definitions and more. Just type what you need.

Type what you need. It understands you.

The FSE is more than a simple search engine, trough it you can control the whole platform. For example, if you want set your privacy, just type set privacy. If you want to create a new club, type new club. Do you want to send a new Flash? type new flash. Do you need help? type help.

Get services, not only results

The FSE is able to return directly services and not only results. For example, if you want to listen a song, the FSE will reproduce it automatically.

Is your media player

Trough the FSE you can watch videos and listen to music. To listen to a song, just type play and the song name. You can continue to use the platform without stopping the music, the player controls will appear on the top search bar.

Define and calculate

You can define things and do calculations. To define something, just type define and what to define. To calculate something, just write the calculation.

Smart and Fast

The FSE understands in real time what you are typing and it gives you suggestions. When a result is displayed, you can access it directly by pressing Enter or interact with it, opening directly, for example, the chat if the result is an user.

Connects your queries

You can see who of your friends has searched the same thing, discovering common interests and establishing new relations.

Worldwide sharing

When you move your mouse over the FSE, a tab will appear with the most searched content of the whole network and the most searched of your friends.