Organize your day with Time.

Time is the next-gen agenda embedded in FlashBeing. See and organize your events and to-dos from a unique window, checking your daily progress in a few seconds.

These are the tools that will make you organized

Create events and to-dos from the same input
Time understands if you are creating an event or a to-do and organizes them distinguishing the typology and the due date.
All you need to know about your days
In Time your day view is not only about your events and meetings, but it also includes the to-dos you’ve completed, the songs you’ve listened to, the movies you’ve watched, what you’ve searched and more.
The Overview: a new way to see your events flow
Forget about the classic calendar day by day view: with Time you can see all your upcoming events and pending to-dos from a single dynamic window.

Keyless. Just tap.

While your are creating an event or to-do, Time includes contextual hints to help you complete it without even using a key of your keyboard. For example it will suggest you the members of your network or the date of the event.

Notes, files and pictures are now included in your events.

Events and to-dos in Time are much more than a simple task to be reminded, they’re a full workspace. To each one of them you can attach notes, files, images and more.

Smart and contextual notifications.

Time sends you smart notifications according to the type of events you’ve created. For example if you need to call somebody you will receive a notification just a few minutes before the scheduled time. Conversely, if you need to meet someone, you’ll receive a notification much earlier, so you’ll have the time to move to the location of the appointment.