Connect people

Share and communicate in a safer and faster way.

Be invisible

FlashBeing includes more than 100 privacy settings, which allow you to be completely invisible in the network. Plus, we don’t force you to insert your private data, such as your Name and Surname. Instead you can use a Nickname.

Delete everything. When you want.

You can suspend or delete your account when you want. All your data will be completely removed and nobody will be able to restore it.

Beautiful profiles

You can have your full profile in FlashBeing and share your statuses from a single place. You are also able to choose between four profile types: generic, photographer, professional and celebrity.

The fourth interaction

FlashBeing includes the most common interactions, like friend-request, follow, message, plus a forth one: you can say you’re attracted to a person by clicking the hearth button. Nobody will know that you are attracted to them and the match will be only notified if the other person is attracted to you as well.

Flashes, for all the web.

Posts in FlashBeing are called Flashes. When you send a Flash you can publish it automatically on Twitter and Facebook and then when it’s published the platform will notify you of how many people you’ve reached in that precise moment.

Share your interests

You can share all the contents in FlashBeing to many targets, like your friends, other social or by email.

Chat. Send files. Share Emotions.

FlashBeing’s chat doesn’t require any plugin, is available on every device, introduces the color statuses and the "in/out of chat" status. Trough the chat you can also send files, smilies, emojis and memes.

Organize yourself and share your passions in exclusive clubs

Clubs are the best way to share you interests or organize stuff with a group o people. They are like an advance group chat. You can also create Anonymous Clubs, where posts are completely anonymous.

Create Events and invite people from the whole network

You can create events, invite all your friends and send beautiful email invitations to your guests.

Blazing fast image upload

FlashBeing uses advanced algorithms that can upload images bigger than 20mb in less than 3 seconds with a normal ADSL connection. Say goodbye to slow uploads.

Advanced tagging

In FlashBeing you can tag people but also objects. When you tag an object it will appear in the image section of the tag.

Amazing photo albums

You can create amazing photo albums and enjoy them using the board Presentation feature while you’re listening to music using the Semantic Search Engine.

The Smart Stream

The smart stream is a particular type of stream which highlights your friend stories. You won’t miss an update.