It’s embedded with your address book.

You can share instantaneously messages, contents, files, events, to-dos and more with all the contacts of your address book, even if the don’t yet have FlashBeing.

All the tools you need to communicate.

Dynamic message color statuses
You can check the status of your chat recipient from the color of its messages. Green means online and in chat with you, yellow means online but not in chat with you and red means offline.
Your cross device chat
Use the embedded chat to communicate directly with all your contacts from all your devices.
Native content support
When your receive a content trough the chat, such as a photo or a file, you can save it for later, share, collect and more, like you do with every other kind of kontent you find in the platform.
Tap on a face to share a content instantaneously with a member of your network.
Tap to share a content on your profile or create an update with a comment.
Share a content on a space to work on it with other people.
Share directly on third party platforms, like socials.

Native sharing: forgive copy and paste.

FlashBeing allows you to instant share everything you find in the platform with all your contacts or on third party platforms, including images, videos and files.

Collaborate with other people using private Workspaces.

Workspaces are private places to publish and share contents with a colosed numer of people. Trough the editor you can publish in them any kind of content. Plus, thanks to aggregation features, you can follow multiple workspaces from one or more groups of sources.

Full articles
File sharing
Sketches and annotations

The editor: create and share what you like.

FlashBeing includes a full editor which allows you to publish notes on your feed or articles, posts with full text formatting, pictures, files, sketches and more on public spaces or on private workspaces.

Be always up-to-date trough the Notification Center.

Everything that happens and matters to you in FlashBeing is summarized in your notification center. You won’t miss any update no more.

Meet the privacy line.

We care a lot about your privacy. This is why we’ve introduced a brand new type of input to control it: the privacy line. For every bit of data you enter in FlashBeing, from your name to full article, you can click on one of the three circles of the line to set it private, for your network or for everybody.