Welcome to the internet of contents era.

Internet is no more defined by pages but by contents. On FlashBeing you can aggregate them from all the sources you want, like web pages and social networks, and enjoy each article, post, photo, video and more optimised for your device. All in real time.

Create your Groups of Sources.

Forgive a single chaotic news stream. Take the sources you love and aggregate them in one or multiple Groups of Sources, according to your interests.

Save for later, collect and share.

Have you found an interesting content? Save it to open it later and even offline, collect it to create your own archive of contents or share it instaneneously with one or more members of your network.

The next-gen content browsing experience

Hands free. Start a presentation.
Relax and lay down your device. Start a presentation to see all your contents of the stream one after another. Presentation is really smart, it understands the type of content and, for example, with videos it waits the end of the current one before to move to the next content.
Swipe through contents
Swipe left or right or use the arrows of your keyboard to navigate between contents. Swipe un or down or scroll up and down to close them. This is your new instant and natural browsing experience, with no more loading time.
Full screen browsing
Navigate your contents at full screen and optimized for the best viewing experience. If it’s a photo it will fill your entire screen, if it’s an article it’s optimized for the best reading experience, using the most comfortable text disposition and font size.
Different layouts for every taste
Choose between four different type of layouts for your stream, from the title only version to the full article one, or, if you prefer, let FlashBeing optimize for you the appearance of each content.

Your groups: preloaded and offline.

All your favorites groups of sources are preloaded and available offline, right in the moment you need it. It works using internet, but it don’t need internet to work.

Instant, like a flash.

Like how we do with your groups of sources, thanks to advanced predictive algroythms, we’ve completely removed any kind of loading time when you open a content, such as an article. You can forgive the progress bar.

Time spent to load a single article
No more